About us विवेकशील उद्दमी क्लबको बारेमा

“Entrepreneurship builds the Prosperous Nepal we dream of”

“उद्दमशीलताले बनाउँछ हामीले परिकल्पना गरेको संमृद्ध नेपाल” 🙂

हामी को हौँ ?
हामी विवेकशील नेपाली उद्दमीहरु हौँ जसले एक संमृद्ध नेपाल बनाउने चेष्ठा राखेको छ। हामीले सके सम्म धेरै नेपालीलाई आत्म-निर्भर बनाउन चाहन्छौँ। आउनुहोस् सँगै मिलेर संमृद्धिको बाटोमा हिँडौ। देश भित्र होस् वा बाहिर हुनुहुन्छ, तपाईलाई हामीले सके जति मद्दत गर्न तयार छौँ । यो फर्म भर्नुहोला।

तपाईलाई किन सल्लाहको जरुरत पर्न सक्छ ?
एकै दिनमा कुनै सफल कम्पनी बनाउन सकिन्न। तपाईको बिचारलाई यथार्थमा परिणत गर्न विश्वसनिय सहयताको खाँचो पर्छ जो उद्दमशील काम गरिसकेहरुले गरे भने तपाईको श्रोत, समय सबै धेरै नै बच्ने थियो। हामी यस्तो मञ्च हौँ जसले तपाईको सपनालाई बिपना बनाउन कोशिश गर्ने छ।

Who are we?

We are a group of ‘BibekSheel Nepali’ entrepreneurs who want to build a prosperous Nepal. We want to create as many Entrepreneurial or self reliant Nepali as possible. Please fill this form to ask for a free mentorship.

Why you might need mentorship?
One cannot build a successful company overnight. It’s an ongoing process. You dream of an idea which you want to live. But in fact living that idea is not as easy as it is dreamt. It involves rigorous process where a money and effort sometimes crosses their defined or say expected limits.  This is where we believe we can play a role.

We are a platform which is set to map a way out for prospective entrepreneurs of Nepal and create a platform where they can actually turn their dream idea into a reality.

Why are we doing it?
We want to flourish entrepreneurship in Nepal. There is no doubt that we already have unimaginable number of entrepreneurs around us. But, the more we search, the more we come across new ideas that if given an opportunity to experiment, can reach to another level of success.

We want to bring out those ideas popping out of Nepali minds, and make it saleable through proper channels, which we strongly believe is through inheriting entrepreneurship in them.

We have created a platform that brings investors and entrepreneurial prospects, idea generators, etc together, minimizing/eliminating all gaps and hurdles that appears between these two parties.

For this there are certain steps that all Idea Generators/Prospective Entrepreneurs have to pass through.

Step 1:
Fill the form available online or collect it from our office and answer a set of questions revolving around your business ideas. We may invite you to explain your ideas better and to help you improve them.

Step 2:
Once the shared business idea matches the set criteria and shortlisted by the team of experts, chosen idea generators are expected to pitch their ideas within 10 minutes (standard time set) in front of investor/s.

Step 3:
If any ideas might be deemed “investable” by our professionals/investors. We will try to find potential investors or refer you to potential partners.

Thank you.

Ujwal Thapa
BibekSheel Nepali Chairman
Also the co-founder of 10,000 + strong ‘Entrepreneurs for Nepal

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